Trading Synergy Report (1 market)


Get a complete written report on how your natal horoscope chart syncs up with your favorite market.

Includes analysis of compatability between you and your market, based on planetary line-ups between the two horoscope charts. Plus, a cheat sheet on glyphs for planets and zodiac signs you’ll see in the horoscope wheel.



Be a better trader with a Trading Synergy Report. This written report compares your natal horoscope chart with the first-trade horoscope for one market of your choice to discover how you sync up with your market.

Either a stock or a futures market will work. For stocks, please provide first-trade date, time and exchange as you know it. For futures, please see available list below.*

Requires your date, time and city of birth.

*Futures markets currently available–Corn, oats, wheat, soybeans, soybean meal, soybean oil; gold, silver, copper; WTI crude oil; E-mini S&P 500, British pound, Canadian dollar, Euro FX, Japanese yen, Mexican peso, Swiss franc; milk III, cheese. More added as first-trade data is confirmed. Special requests accepted.


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