Pick The Right Time

Wow. It’s simply all there is to say about astrology timing.

Pick a goal, a start date, an intention. With astrology timing, you can find not just the right month or day to get things going—you can select the exact minute when the planets are in their most favorable position to support you. As many years in the future as you’d like to go. Did I already say “Wow”?

Here’s just a few examples of how to use astrology timing:

  • Start A New Business—Pick your company’s birthday with just the strengths you’d like it to have. Good for re-starts, too.
  • Marketing Campaign—Know exactly when your target audience will be most wanting to hear about your new offering.
  • Website Launch—Confidently pick a launch date for a new or updated website months ahead of time and make your project manager and boss very happy.
  • Custom Marketing Calendars—Deadlines are good. Set them up a year in advance for a great marketing roadmap that keeps your team on track.
  • Trading Decisions—Use astrology timing as one of the tools in your technical analysis toolbox.

Drop me a quick email to pick a right time for your next project and we’ll get started!