Astrology Corporate Events

For a client party, team-building activity or conference program, take a fun, practical look at how using astrology in the workplace can give you can edge.

Each astrology corporate event can be customized to your goals, your company and your clients or team members. Please contact me to discuss what you’d like to achieve with your event or conference.

Astrology and Business 101
Learn how astrology can enhance business results through attention to decision timing, marketing and team synergy.

Understanding Your Boss
All you need is the company birthday calendar to figure out how your boss operates and how you can work better together.

How Mercury Retrograde Can Be Your BFF
Meet each year’s three Mercury retrograde periods with a plan to put its time in “re”view to good use. Be prepared!

What Do The Stars Say?
Take a peek into the future with a preview of upcoming cosmic trends that affect us all. Quarterly, semi-annual or annual outlooks.

Mini Astrological Readings
Give your clients or team members a 15-minute reading of their birth chart as an add-on to any of the astrology corporate events. Requires birth date (month, date, year) and location; exact time of birth is best, but approximate isn’t a show-stopper.