Astrology Classes

Learn first-hand how astrology fits into our everyday lives by taking astrology classes from yours truly. And, you can join in from anywhere in the world because they’re all online!

Introduction to Financial Astrology

Take a broad view of how to apply astrology to the financial markets and business. Over the course of nine weeks, we’ll cover stocks, commodities, business decisions and marketing. Basic astrology knowledge required.

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Financial Astrology 101

A “greatest hits” version of the full Introduction to Financial Astrology course. This pdf was developed for my presentation at the Friends of Astrology meeting in September 2016. Includes my brief, big-picture economic outlook through 2032.

Download pdf of Financial Astrology 101

Top 10 Retrograde Business Decision Disasters

From Mars through Saturn, take a look at the top (i.e., most expensive) business disasters that have occurred when decisions were made with important planets in retrograde motion. We’ll take a look at some disastrous timing decisions–including the Titantic, the Edsel and New Coke–for lessons we can avoid.

Friday, November 14, 2014, 7:30-9 pm (Eastern)

Recording available at Breaking Down The Borders Conference

Who Am I? Understanding Your Natal Horoscope

In just six weeks, you’ll understand all the important astrological parts that make you the unique person you are. No knowledge of astrology required. We’ll start from the beginning.

Contact me to receive info about upcoming dates. (If you’re in Chicago, we can have class in person.)

Also available as a two-day workshop.