Astrology Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it. Read the astrology testimonials from some of my clients!

Trader Profile

“The manner in which the trader profile is created is very professional, understandable, and practical. Susan’s interpretations gave me another perspective from a distance and gave an opportunity to assess my situations and potentials.”

Brian S.
Atlanta, GA

Astrology Classes

“I took a beginner astrology class online with Susan and loved it. I t wasn’t my first astrology class, but I felt she covered topics in such a way that anyone from a person with no knowledge of astrology to a person who is fairly knowledegable could benefit from her class. I would jump at the chance to do it again!”

Marty R.
Des Moines, IA

Business Timing

“Susan Gidel has been a friend for many years and I’ve always valued her advice. In the last few years as she has deepened her education and knowledge of astrology, she has provided me insight on the astrologic timing of certain actions I take in business.

“Most recently, I launched a new company and she offered to see when would be the most opportune time for me to incorporate my business. I appreciated any insights that could help me succeed. She provided an ideal time according to my charts that was several months away. I told her that wouldn’t work as I needed to incorporate as soon as possible and asked her to search again. That she did, and provided me several options on what type of firm I wanted (creative, high growth, aggressive). As I’m a writer I did want my firm to center on creativity. Thus, she found the best time for me to incorporate, however, we didn’t proceed without a strategy. As I also was beholden to the State of Illinois agency that takes incorporation filings, we worked out the best time, down to the hour of the day, I was to e-mail my application to the agency. I followed those instructions, and was incorporated, as well as got the best timing according to my chart. “

Ginger Szala
Ginger Szala Ink LLC
Chicago, IL